The first thing you do after entering the new Jewish Museum is put on a pair of 3D glasses.

Words pop out at your eyes.

"Who are the Jews?"

"Where did we come from?"

These are the questions that the subsequent animated movie seeks to answer.

The movie tells the story of Noah's ark. Water sprays.

A plague happens in Egypt. Locusts fall from the sky. "Gnats" whip at the feet of every seat.

The Romans sack Jerusalem. Arrows fly straight into you. The seats vibrate.

The film ends after the Romans finally expel the Jews from Jerusalem, and thus some of them migrate to Russian territory.

That is the introduction to the new $50 million museum that seeks to tell the oft-supressed history of the Jews in Russia, which once numbered at about 5 million but are now officially at 150,000, though the number may be higher.

The rest of the museum is of a much more serious tone than the Disney World-like introduction, but equally high-tech.