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November 03, 2012


Victoria Poupko

"Parasites"? They are most of us; , those, who we know, who are parts of ourWhat Romney did to help the daughter of his friend is a normal human reaction. I don't see any heroic in this action.
But what Romney "offers" to Americans as a candidate for President, is worth stressing and repeating. He "charged" almost half a nation in "dependency" and "parasitical" lives. It is incredible. Who are those families, seniors, students, immigrants (most of them), of course, and even (too far!) those, who work for the Government. But Romney forgot that his company Bain, which made him millioner, could survive and exist (like many other companies, whom Romney likely consider as belomging to 53%) only due big Government (state's) dubsisy, tax cut, bailout etc. So, the question arises: who really are "dependent", or more dependent: those, whom Romney put into 47%, or big companies, including Romney's one? And who are "parasites"? This point is a worst characteristic of American capitalism that must turn Americans towards kind of socialism, and of course towards Obama.
Obama is our President!

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