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November 03, 2012


victor herzberg

I was searching for exactly this type of information on the web and my serach brough me here, so thank you for making it available. But three lines lines which represent JRT reaction to this data were so funny and absurd, that for a second I though I was reading The Onion or some other satirical publications, so decided to share my amusement
According to JRT, our children who went to American colleges were subjected to Marxist indoctrination there and that why many of them now hold liberal views, while their parents (who know better) vote predominantly for the Republicans, because they were lucky to go to Soviet Universities and thus not being subjected to Marxist indoctrination.
You really can't argue with this logic;-)


To certain extent it is also the parents' fault. I know a lot of people who don't pay attention to what their kids are taught, as long as they get good grades and later get into good colleges. And then the parents to their horror find out that their children's political views reflect pretty much what they themselves were force-fed in the Soviet schools.
We have to watch what our kids are taught, otherwise we will have little "Young Pioneers" on our hands.

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