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September 20, 2011


Victoria Poupko

Dear Jews,
I extremely praise the Jewish Al-Jazeera. I myself, a Head of Mass-based American Association of Jews from Former SU, run a TV show "Immigrant's voice" (in Russian)since 2003, where I speak mostly about Israel. I don't have a penny for my efforts, but it's OK. I still work and spend my own money.
My question is: in 2007 I created a fund -AnnaPolitkovskaya Memorial Fund, and in the frame of this Fund I organized one more program on BAT (Brookline Access TV). This program 's called "Chechnya--Past and Present. I expose all Nazi methods, used by Russia towards Chechnya and Chechens. I would like to make (on your wonderful example) the Chechen Al-Jazeera. Can you help me?
I need not only money (it is the second matter), but how to organize it and where; I have no idea. None of my colleagues has either.
Believe me, it would be a wonderful thing. Many anti-Chechen Russian actions has paralleles with anti-Jewish ones.
Sincerely, Victoria Poupko

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