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March 16, 2010



The vote that matters:

Poll: Israel would be a red state
And in a poll of 817 Americans who cast their absentee ballots here this week – 76 percent said they voted for Sen. John McCain and 24 percent said they voted for Sen. Barack Obama.


victor herzberg

This picture of Obama shaking hands with Abbas non-withstanding, a large majority of Israelis view Obama favorable and his 'popularity rating' is twice as high as that of Netanyahu.

"A poll released in Israel today (3/19/10) shows that Israelis overwhelmingly have a favorable impression of President Barack Obama, despite a grave diplomatic feud with the U.S. over east Jerusalem construction."
According to this poll, favorable rating of Barack Obama is 70%, while only 36% of Israelis think that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is best suited to lead Israel.


There are similar pictures of Churchill, FDR and Truman smiling and shaking hands with Stalin. Does it make them bad guys too?
Certainly, this picture of Obama and Abbas is a good anti-Obama propaganda tool, as far as most of your readers are concerned, but I am gratified by the fact that most of Israelis ignore this kind of propaganda and form their opinions based on a multitude of facts.


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