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April 06, 2009



Todd Deboef is the one who put Dmitriy on the black list and promoted his defamation in the media.


Bob Arum betrayed his own people

What do you expect from a greedy man, who betrayed his own people.
Bob Arum betrayed jews, judaism, he goes against the Rebbe, and it's not good.
Bob Arum worships gold not G-d, he will end up like those jews who worshiped golden caf

Dmitriy's Friend

Damage that Luis Barragan and anti-semitic boxing mafia is doing to global jewish community by boycoting Dmitriy Salita is similar to what terrorists did to Israely athletes. They also stopped them from competing. Therefore, there should be a response from Israel's Government.

Dmitriy's Friend

Don't Mess with the Jews

Luis Barragan, Stop Boycoting Salita!!!

Dmitriy's Friend

Real Jews experience anti-semitism

There hundreds of thousands of anti-semitic comments about Salita on the internet. I understand Ross Greenburg as well as other powerful jews in boxing about staying away from Salita. I understand their self-fish interest.
HBO has power to destroy any fighters career.
I respect Salita for making unpopular choice - being jewish.


Salita should fight on HBO because he is #1 in WBA

Salita is not just a "jew", he is undefeated #1 WBA
official challenger. He won 3 titles as a professional
NABA, WBA International, and IBF International.
As an amateur he won New York Golden Gloves Open Class and was named outsdanding fighter of the tournament, he was National US Champion.

Not just a jew. Antisemites and some coward jews
feel uncomfortable and try to boycote "Star of David".
Salita challenged champions and never asked HBO for fights because he is jewish - that's what Ross Greenburg is says, that's what he is affraid of.

Boxing Fan

If Ross Greenburg is an honest jew, or honest human being than he wouldn't approve Mcline who was retired boxer who lost most of his last fights to fight on HBO against Chris Areola. If Ross Greenburg was honest jew or human being he wouldn't turn down Top Fighters that Dmitriy Salita publicly called out. Ross Greenburg is anti-semite pleaser hypocrate and he is anything but not honest jew or human being.

Georgian Taxi Driver

I was shocked to hear on Russian Radio how badly Salita is discriminated. I thought something like this is only possible in third world countries.
Jews were never discriminated in Georgia, even in Georgia it would be impossible. I'm shocked, so is my believe in democracy

Georgian Taxi Driver

Two heavyweights fought yesterday on HBO.
Jameel McLine was retired/inactive for two years,
still he was approved "opponent" for Chris Areola because Chris Areola is spanish and so is Luis Barragan. After the fight Chris Areola said, I beat top heavyweight... Who is top heavyweight Mcline...?
The quistion is to Luis Barragan, why you have so high standards for jewish boxers and so low for mexican?

Dmitriy's Friend

HBO = Anti-semitism

Dana Rosenblot never fought on HBO, he was good...

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