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February 23, 2009


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Ulysses, screaming about "stolen land" is the same as screaming about Jews mixing blood in matzah -- that is an anti-Semitic slur, albeit a popular one. First step for you is to educate yourself, you are fortunate -- this blog gives you an opportunity to learn. Read http://www.jrtelegraph.com/2009/12/did-you-kick-your-settler-today.html and will talk again.


If you occupy another country and build settlements on it, also building a wall(isolation), shouldn't you be aware of the resistance that might occur from the very people you are suppressing and taking land of?

Israel is not defending itself, how could it even be considered as defending? YOU ARE THE OCCUPANTS OF ANOTHER NATION. THEY are the ones resisting. I am not supporting Hamas, I don't like neither them or Israels government, but one thing I do support is the only solution which can be considered as realistic, it is that Israel withdraw to the 1967 border and that peace is uphold by a third part(like United Nations peace forces).


Well said Eric. I too wonder about such people, as there are many out there with the same mindset.


It is a good article. What struck me about it, though, is the dichotomy between Regina’s support for Israel and her liberal values on one side, and her desire to support the politicians who are so willing to throw Israel under the proverbial bus. She decided to disable the comments for this article, so I wrote an open letter on my site: http://conservativlib.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/my-letter-to-a-liberal-jew-2/

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