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January 25, 2009



Hello dear friends, i write because i was in Artek in 1990 and i am looking for some people who was there the same year( Sergei and Misha ) , my name is Franklin and i am from Costa Rica. If somebody can tell where can i find information plesar e mail me frachamo@hotmail.com


hi i continue spend informacion about my freinds my email is ricardo.trejos@gmail.com

Ricardo Trejos Ubua

Dear friends of this space, I write because I want to have information about the 3 young translators who were in the camp of Artek in 1981, translating to a child delagacion these translators nicarguences Russian language was Spanish. and were at Camp Forest, one of them was named Alexander, they can search youtube account "Miskito" and will see photos of those years.

thank you very much any information he wrote ricardo.trejos@gmail.com

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